My radical ideas to change India

Posted on April 15, 2011


As I cowardly walked past Anna Hazare’s campaign to fight corruption (My office is right besides Jantar Mantar), I first felt guilty for not participating in the campaign. The enthusiasm of the different sections of society coming together for a common cause and standing together urged me to join the but something kept bothering me in the irritating portion of my mind (my conscience) . I kept thinking will I be able to support the campaign all through the end, will I be able to keep up with the morals of not bribing any government officials just to get my work done earlier and the the most important will this campaign bear any results?

I felt relieved to some extent when the government agreed to most of the demands for the Lokpal bill creation. Now we wait in anticipation to see how it changes our lives. Frankly speaking if it does something like the election commission did to India’s elections then it will be a great victory. But I have my apprehensions. I dont trust this government anymore. Look what they did to the Telangana supporters. The Lokpal bill will if successful bring to justice big scamsters (dealing with 100 -1000 crore range) but who will punish the tier 2 and tier 3 government officials who demand 100 and 500 Rs for any job.

And so I started dreaming as usual (this is all I can do for now) , that if I become the leader of India (with absolute majority, no coalition i.e. a dictator 🙂 ) how would I tackle this . According to my analysis corruption is due to the following 3 reasons

1) Human greed (60 %)

2) People wanting to get things done early without any hassles or long queues (20 %)

3) To cover up Illegal activities / crime or escape punishment (20%)

Categories 2 and 3 contribute to category 1 .  And Category 1 usually has majority of bribe takers and category 2 and 3 has majority of bribe givers contributing to corruption.

Category 1: Human greed : solutions

1) Use Lokpal bill to bring corrupt people to justice. Be it small or big corruption needs to have an exemplary punishment. Minimum being life imprisonment and maximum being capital punishment. It has to serve as a deterrent.

2) The lokpal , CVC and Anti corruption Bureau all need to work together

3) Have anonymous dropboxes  and websites for people to drop in their complaints

Category 2: No hassle no queue : solutions

1) Create classes of service where people who can afford can pay the extra convenience fees for the business or the first class type services. You have that in travel/hospitality why not extend it here. I pay 1000 bucks legally to avoid the hassle of not waiting in the line

2) Extend all critical government services 24 x 7 x 365. Most of the hassle is due to shortage of government hours (restrictive 8 hour duty with tons of holidays and tea / lunch breaks). All critical services like electricity/water/Road transport (by far the most corrupt department)/passport creation etc should be 24 x 7 x 365.

3) Create reliable online application and payment centers with smaller kiosks available within the city. This could be another STD/PCO booth kind of revolution. People who do not have computer / internet access can use this with help of the support staff

4) Again create exemplary punishments for people who offer bribes even after providing facilities 1-3 above

Category 3 : Illegal activities cover up

1) Single solution : death penalty

I see all of this happening in an ideal world, but as we know we are far far away from IDEALS we are only close to DEALS and most of them are sadly stained by corruption. But there is no harm in dreaming I believe ,who knows someday it might come true