Is India’s youngistan more dangerous than Pakistan

Posted on August 21, 2011


Indian youth proudly call themselves Youngistan . All the statistics point out that India has a very young working force which will help it overtake China. But I beg to differ and not just slightly but vehemently. I am talking about today’s young generation of India between the ages of 15-29

India’s young generation today is the most misdirected and least patriotic generation of all times. Since freedom we have had a generation who were proud of their new nation and ambitious to make it work. The next batch  witnessed the Pakistan and China wars and hence were wary of the county’s sacrifice and proud of its victories and defeats. Then the 80s and 90s saw the struggle for jobs which still kept them grounded but frustrated. Some left the country during that phase never to look back. Then came the generation which saw everything laid on golden plate. With the rise of India’s economic status the ever so dominant middle class who started seeing the riches produced the most useless of all generations which is the so-called gen-next of today.

The youth of today spend the best amount of their time on social networking or reality shows or hanging around malls.There is absolutely no love for the country. Their general knowledge seems to have rock bottom. Nobody seems to be aware of the sociopolitical happenings in and around unless it is being broadcasted at the loudest by our over the top media (like Anna Hazare’s fast). And all our young generation have done is made it a fashion statement by ordering  gandhi caps and using the term “vande mataram” on phone while calling each other. They might take out a few candle light walks ;give  a few statements to the media and forget it after a week.  I haven’t seen a single “Youngistani” volunteering to fast or take their version of the Lokpal bill to the government. I am pretty sure they are not even aware of the issues within the Lokpal bill and the controversies.

My blatant outburst is due to frustration. I just moved out of this generation a week back when I turned 30. And I feel ashamed of the current and the upcoming youth of India. Except sports and Army over the past few years I have not heard a single news worthy incident or achievement  from any Indian youth. All I see is the generation dumbing down more and more watching reality shows like MTV roadies/ emotional Atyaachaar/Bindaas Dadagiri which are just full of expletives or cheering movies like Dabaang/Ready/Wanted/Housefull . Evey parent is proud if his/her child dances to Munni Badnaam or Shiela Ki Jawani.

In countries like China the youth are more focused and dedicated to hard work. I have been working with quite  a few Chinese over the past few years and one thing I have realized is that they are destined to take over this world just through their sheer hard work, dedication and ambition. We are too overconfident of our English speaking skills. I mean come on ; seriously for how many years are we going to be able to hold on that advantage. The youth need to be open up their eyes ears and brains. We need more Bhagat Singh’s , Dhirubhai Ambani’s ,Sachin Tendulkar’s, Dhoni’s, Tata’s and young Anna Hazare’s in this generation to take India ahead.

The only way that is gong to happen is through compulsory military service for two years for every youth as a part of his/her college education. This practice is still being followed in South Korea and some European countries. The two years of military training and service will instill some discipline and patriotism in this misdirected generation.

We need this now or the dragon is sure to eat the elephant who is busy tweeting or updating his facebook page

Jai Bharat