Should I watch escapist movies

Posted on November 6, 2011


I am always confused. Should I watch escapist or meaningful movies. I cringed when I watched escapist (or so called Masala movies in Indian film industry) but I got severely affected when I watched sensible and serious movies.

A week back I watched Ra.One a masala superhero movie from India which for me was a senseless movie. But I forgot after a day and carried on. But a few days back I watched “The Kite Runner” based on a book by the same name and I was so seriously affected by it. I happened to have read the book a few months ago and even that had a devastating effect on me. And to learn that the child actors who acted in the movie are suffering because they enacted their roles in it was even more depressing.

The question is if I pay should I be entertained or devastated. Well obviously the escapist cinema does give you the option of burying your head in the sand and be blissfully unaware of the tragedies world around. I laughed and talked about watching the stupid Hangover movies but movies like “The Kite runner” which present the harsh reality also bring the awkwardness while discussing and hence you keep sulking within. There is no exit vent.

I guess then the only option is to follow the safest option of taking a midway path and watch fiction which brings some sensibility but also keeps away from the harsh truth.