How to write a popular blog

Posted on December 20, 2011


If you are actually reading this blog then you might have just ventured onto the least popular blog on wordpress. But this is what I figured out if you want to write a popular blog and need a lot of hits on your page then you have write something that is totally outrageous or bullshit to attract somebody’s attention or write your opinion on something really controversial and get people agitated.

From what i have seen through freedom of speech and opinion provided by the electronic versions of media logic and quality have gone out of the window. Negative publicity is the cheapest and the best way to obtain attention. Gone are the days when people waited for the Sunday editorials to come in the newspaper to actually read some quality opinions. The most hated people are the most popular people in this world e.g ( Britney spears, Kim Kardashian, Rakhi Sawant, Veena Malik). People for some reason need to know what these hated celebs are doing at every second of their time. The same goes for blogging too. Why do people need to follow twitter or micro blogging by celebrities who want to tell everything right from the time they sat on the damn potty seat till the time they fucking flushed their poop and wiped their asses.  Word press actually has some real quality blogs which are popular too but I believe they have been through the rigorous wait phase after which they achieved popularity.

I actually am looking forward to follow a person’s blog who has a opinion on everything but then actually makes sense too. Some of the people who I wished wrote blogs are Dhirubhai Ambani, Michael Crichton, Subramaniam Swamy, Adolf Hitler, Bhagat Singh etc. These people you could categorize them as firebrands but at least they had their own line of thinking and solid reason to back up their claims/opinions.

There are some other tips provided by wordpress on how to popularize your blogs through linking your accounts with social networking websites and all, but I believe I need to share my views with the general public rather than my friends. I feel shy to discuss my opinions with family and friends hence have not linked it with websites which can publicize my opinions to known people. I believe I will wait to see if my opinions slowly percolate to the unknown people around as I consider this my first step towards writing a book

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