I feel Raavan by Mani Ratnam is an eye opener and a Masterpeice

Posted on December 31, 2011


I am writing my comments on Raavan movie by Mani Ratnam and not about the ridiculous RaOne by Shahrukh Khan.

For the first time I saw the story of Ramayana being told from Raavan’s perspective. I am a staunch Hindu and since childhood we have been told the stories of Ramayana and Mahabaharata which have been as usual sugar coated by religious scholars over the years to cover up the true facts as well as to show the immortality and superiority of god when actually these were the true stories of great mortal warriors.But the history is always written by winners. People of Sri Lanka will obviously beg to differ on every point in Ramayana.

The first half was a bit hazy due to  slip-shod editing where they tried to establish Abhishek Bachchan’s character.  But the real shocker comes when Raavan’s sister (Surpankha from the original epic) is raped. That is when I realized cutting of somebody’s nose could actually mean a rape rather than the literal cutting of nose as mentioned in the epic. The sexuality has been mostly blunted out or actually covered with riddles or weird analogies rather than being straight forward in most of our religious books. This goes same as in mahabharata where the virgin births of Kunti have been justified as miracles rather than  infidelity. And obviously if one of your own has been raped the natural reaction of any self respecting man is vengeance which is what Raavan wants  After that incident the film is just fantastic where it covers various aspects of Ramayana as seen form the other side. Killing of Jatayu , a new twist of Vibhishana being killed by Rama. The end was simply fantastic where Ram actually used Sita to find Raavan so that he could satisfy his ego of killing a man who had abducted his wife rather than being grateful to fate for the well being of his wife.

The music was simply fantastic. A R  Rahman reserves his best for Mani Ratnam  and his true best are his unreleased songs. If you have ever got a chance to listen to the end credits song ” Jaa Re Ud Jaa” , I feel it is his best song ever composed.

I know this article is not worthy enough to be the review for a movie but I felt the need to point out that the movie deserves a dekko on a DVD watch . I just wanted to bring out a few strong points. Watch it in peace and I am sure you will be sure affected by it and bound to think that what you have been reading till now is it true or white washed lie?