The conundrum of being an Indian

Posted on January 8, 2012


The past 6 years of my life in US I tried recreating India and Indian culture there. I thought had I been in India I would have done this and that and thus I tried my best in US. Be it for festivals or eating Indian food or preparing Indian food or watching Indian TV and movies. Coming back to India I thought I would be able to enjoy what I did as a child but I was in for a rude shock.

People here in India want to ape the lifestyle back in US. Everything is categorized as “cool” and “not cool”. 1) Drinking my favorite cutting chai or eating Vada Pav  on road side stall : Not cool
But drinking it in mall or Cafe Coffee Day for 10 times the price so cool

2) Eating normal maggi noddles : Not cool. I was hurt by this the most, for 6 years in US me and all my friends use to have maggi at least once a week . It brought back good old memories.
Eating pasta is so COOL even though they add garam masala and tomato ketchup. Fucking Idiots

3) Watching an old rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Simpsons or simply good old Indian Tv serials like Malgudi days : NOT COOL
Watching fucked up reality shows on UTV Bindass, MTV and Channel V where females are mouthing nastiest  words rather than their male counterparts : VERY VERY COOL.

4) Playing cricket on the ground : NOT COOL: In San Diego I played cricket every weekend .
Going to mall with a bowling alley , go karting, or the ever boring pool/snooker : SUPER COOL

5) Learning Indian classical dance/ music : NOT COOL
A 5 year old learning jazz and Salsa: UBER COOL

The list can go on and on. While in US people there found time on weekends and tried to enjoy the Indian culture to the fullest. The new generation of Indians have great respect for their culture and want their kids to learn too. They make an effort with their kids so that they can learn their mother tongue first. They send them for Sanskrit classes , vedic literature, vedic mathematics, Indian classical music and dance or atleast for bollywood dancing. Here I am shocked to see parents on airports, hotels,restaurants talking to their kids exclusively in English. I mean come on , your kid is going to learn English once he goes to school.What is the fucking big deal if he/she cant speak for couple of years? At least make an effort to educate your child on Indian culture

I left US thinking that my daughter would learn our culture better in India, but I am having serious doubts about it.


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