The false pride of us Indians

Posted on February 4, 2012


We Indians are always living in a cocoon where we believe in only two things

1) We are like this only and are not going to change . Everybody else has to change
2) In the end everything will be all right (just magically)

These two beliefs over the past 5-6 millenniums have screwed us Indians royally but again we have been stubborn enough not to learn or improve or act. We Indians come with a false sense of pride or ego where we have learned not to accept our mistakes even if he we have  blatantly committed them . I mean look at everything right from the government state of affairs to the plight of the Indian cricket team no one wants to accept that we have a serious problem.

Lets start with our laziness. I believe if we study the Indian genome we should be able to discover and patent the laziness gene.For some reason innovation is one of the last things on our mind. But copying is the foremost. Right from school level  we copy our homework or get it done from our parents or buy readymade projects. We have agents who do every work for us right from paying  a electricity bill to getting a passport (to avoid or super efficient government staff who don’t move a pen without a 500 rupee note pushing it). And at work or business we just wait for one person to succeed and everyone jumps on the same bandwagon to cash in on his/her success. Look at China they started with copying stuff but today they are one of the foremost nations in research. They have made terrifying advances in telecom,defense, infrastructure, bullet trains. If something should be learned from them, it should be  their dedication. In the past I (my false pride) used to believe when all the articles for elephant v/s dragon were flying about,  we would always do good because the Chinese would be doing repetitive (donkey) work and we do the intelligent work. But somehow I feel by doing the repetitive work they have perfected the art and also kept the mental fatigue away which is helping them in their supremacy. We started making good economic progress two years back claiming 10 % growth and then we started resting on our laurels . Now we are staring at 6-7 % for the next few years. Whereas the Chinese have sustained their level of growth and enhanced their supremacy. Still innovation is the least important thing for India . No great research funds and grants are sponsored by industries in India who are happy providing services rather than building a manufacturing base. US and Europe (UK and Germany esp.) in terms of innovations are light years ahead (I know I am stating the obvious). The day these countries stop on innovation , that will be the start of their downfall.

Let’s look at the Indian film industry. Original films are rarer than Halley’s comet. Copying Hollywood films into bad films was one aspect but now recycling old films is just an easy way out. Look at Salman Khan, he thinks if one shit masala film works then others too and he is feeding that shit to our shit loving audience. I mean come on look at his movies.I am dying for an original story to come out of my backyard. Same goes with the authors , until now we were dealing with NRI authors who wrote books still in pre-British raj style. Now we have some whacko young generation authors who are writing in an American lingo. Is there any author who looks at sci-fi, thriller or mystery genres in India . An absolute no. The only genuinely different book to come out was the “Immortals of Meluha” by Amish Tripathi. Let us look at TV sitcoms and serials. With the number of TV channels going we expected at least one quality program coming out right. Nope we have the trashiest of all selections at our disposal comprising of family dramas, adulterous and conniving saas-bahu’s (their villainy should put bond villains to shame), and totally pathetic reality shows. In the past with just one TV channel India produced classics like discovery of India, Malgudi Days, Tamas, and the Ramayana/Mahabharata epics

Lets come to time management and organizational capabilities. Zero. Absolute zero. We (myself included) tend to keep things till the last minute . I have never heard of projects getting over before time. It is always that last minute rush. Few projects like the Delhi metro some others which did finish before time but got stuck regulatory delays and even so they fished slightly ahead of time because of numerous buffers buttering the schedule. Look at the commonwealth games fiasco, Cricket World cup readiness. Everything was delayed and was filthy. China created an Olympic spectacle and India created a commonwealth debacle. Still at the end the glory hogs took pride in saying that in India we somehow manage to get things done in the end. When will we stop fooling ourselves.

My only argument is with 1/6th of the world population we should have the probability of having at least 1/6th of the worlds greatest innovators,movie makers, authors, politicians etc. But I guess our brains froze since 1947. Now we have become parasites and resisting every change that the world is throwing at us. What will break this sturdy Armour of stubbornness  is the question for us?

I started this blog with the false pride of “Rising Bharat” but why I am getting this sinking feeling? I don’t know. Hoping for a miracle that things will change and we will be fine 🙂