How India can solve its neighbor problem?

Posted on February 9, 2012


After Israel I would say India is destined with the most volatile neighbors. On one side there is a wannabe big brother who wants to take care of the family business in Asia and world across and also keep Indian rise in check .On the other side there is the little brother who has a perennial grudge against India for taking something which he believes belonged to him. Then we have all other siblings who take sides depending on their need and convenience.

In my earlier blogs I have pointed out that the increasing Indian population is a far bigger threat than these neighbors and we have to clean up our own house before we start taking care of the borders. But maybe the weakness of population can be used as a measure to keep the warring brothers in check. Let me define how

If we look at the Indian map with population density overlaid on it we can imagine it to be equivalent of a fat balding man (not the best analogy) . In the north with Kashmir/Tibet/Ladakh indicating the head with a thinning hairline and then moving to Delhi/Haryana/Punjab indicating the chubby cheeks and the neck region. We move to the chest region covering UP and Rajasthan/Uttaranchal and the fat paunch covering MP/Maharashtra/Orissa/WB/Bihar/Chattisgarh/Jharkhand and thunder thighs covering our entire southern belt of AP/Karnataka/TN/Kerala (sorry for the pun). The problem is with the hands and the head. The right hand is becoming extremely strong with Gujarat  but the left hand is becoming very very weak with all the northeastern states. It is these two areas which are being targeted by Pakistan and China.

We already have an overload of population in every other city except the ones in these two regions. These two regions are screaming and begging for recognition and development but it is just falling onto deaf ears. The government has to make new cities/regions of development in J&K and northeast. If china can convert failed cities into major industrial centers , India should learn from that. Start pushing population from overburdened cities of Mumbai,Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi,WB to these new cities. With more people coming development will start falling into place. People from outside will try and blend in J&K and northeastern states  (Assam,Sikkim,Manipur,Nagaland,Arunachal Pradesh,Mizoram,Meghalaya,Tripura). Cultures will intertwine, jobs will be created with industrial centers, software parks and enhanced tourism in all these beautiful places will boom the business. The two pronged effect of getting the population spread across, plus making the people of these states feel a part of India will improve things for good and it will keep the ever prying neighbors at bay too. Right now our neighbors are just taking advantage of the disgruntled position of the population here. Keeping people busy here will keep the other nasty thoughts away.

A planned city like Lavassa was created right from scratch. Similar smaller planned cities can be created in these states too. The things are possible. Just need a will on the governments side to reach out to our own people. We will not even need to fight any wars for this.