2012:The eternal hope squasher

Posted on April 22, 2012


Somehow I feel that 2012 has been that kind of year which teases you ,tortures you, irritates you. It shows you a  glimpse of hope and when you try to cling onto it it crushes it down so bad that you tend to loose all your optimism. Some years are such that things just go downhill and some years where you just cant stop keep getting enough good stuff. Atleast it was predictable but  2012 in its first quarter is just behaving like a Abbas-Mastan thriller with too many twists and double crossings on my hope and invariably like the movie it will turn out to be a big big disappointment

I wanted to list down my grudges against 2012 not in any particular chronological order

The year started with extremely disturbing case of Baby Falak. The whole nation was outraged at the atrocities committed on the poor kid. AIIMS where baby Falak was admitted is usually just a well maintained government hospital. With its politics and indifferent attitude it is not very happy place to work . But the doctors did a fabulous job on Baby Falak’s recovery. The whole hospital had a cause to be united for. The staff prayed , the doctors cared, the nurses cried for the baby’s well being. And finally it seemed god decided once to answer somebody’ prayers and the baby was off the ventilator. She was playing in the hospital. the crooks were being nabbed. Hope was at all time high, that is when the poor baby had a cardiac arrest. Hopes were squashed. I being nowhere involved was devastated at this news, I could not even imagine what the doctors and the staff would have felt who had got so emotionally attached with the kid.Not to forget her mother who has been through this trauma. Then soon we here another case of child abuse in Bangalore with baby Nargis.

UP elections were supposed to either strengthen or destroy the government. Everybody was hoping if Congress did a good job at least they would not have to deal with Mamata Banerjee  and be strong enough to make some policies on their own. Or if Mayawati came back she would cause mid-term polls. Hopes were all time high. But we had a surprise , we had SP (read :goondaraj )welcomed by our UP folks with a wholesome majority and they just maintained the status quo. No mid-term polls , no strong government and no policies.

Railway budget: Finally we had a minister who had enough balls to make sure that the railways does not go Air-India way . He gave a great budget. Railways is in dire need of funds for upgradation. But NO . Populist measures took precedence. There was huge ruckus, media circus and finally everything was rolled back to the suspended state. Suddenly  I have a feeling we as Indians are resistive to any change. Things should be never changed even though people suffer or get killed.

After 11 months of agonizing wait and extremely irritating media programs and predictions we had finally Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th ton. The whole of India heaved a sigh of relief. I finally thought things were looking good because overall the past season had been beyond horrible. Alas said it to soon, India lost the match and the chance to be in the finals.

After a year of crappy remakes and sequels we had finally two great movies coming in Paan Singh Tomar  and Kahaani. And it was not just the critical response but the general public and mass junta watching it made me happy and felt like finally we will have people appreciating sensible movies. Another  hope squashed with audience lapping up Housefull2. I have nothing but utmost disrespect for Sajid Khan, because he insults the audiences intelligence level to an absolute low level. But the Indian filmgoers will never understand, I guess, that good movies do exist. With more crap to follow with Dabangg 2 , Rowdy Rathore , Joker etc, I guess there is no hope here.

I guess the list could go on, but that is enough for a Sunday afternoon. Ironically on Star World finally I have a good comedy to watch called  “Raising Hope”. I hope this cute little Hope (a small kid on the show) raises my hope for 2012.