Should we let India implode?

Posted on June 14, 2012


The implosion  on all fronts technical, economical, social, political,academic,  is imminent in India. The question is should it be delayed with band-aid fix-its like offered in Greece or should it be allowed to implode and come out stronger although quite a few years down the line.

My opinion is it should be allowed to implode.

On economical front over the past 2 years we have seen the so called “super-abused” words used in the news “Several LAKH CRORE Rs SCAMS” and “POLICY PARALYSIS”. With dwindling growth rate and rising inflation , the government is still in denial mode and upbeat. Investors are scared. Several so called golden egg laying goose industries (telecom,aviation,railways) have been butchered by government interference and scams . Next in line are banks where government is again going for populist moves and refinancing/restructuring bad loans. Everybody is scared of 1991 like situation. But that adversity was the harbinger for a two decade growth in India. Maybe a situation worse than that could even improve our further development (only if we learn from our past and current mistakes).

On technical front our expertise is still zero and the brain drain is still ON at a rapid rate. This term of the UPA government has killed all innovation and development. Manufacturing is still at  the bottom of the barrel.

On academic fronts the Common entrance tests fiasco is a big embarrassment. IITs need to be the differentiators agreed . But the amount of stress that the CET reduces on a students life is immeasurable. In US too SAT/GRE scores hold good IVY league to bottom ranked schools. Still the quality of student does not suffer. Then why do we need so many tests. One noble effort by the government is also squashed.

On social front the whole country is suffering from acute power and water shortage. I pray that this year there is drought and it should continue for a few years. As this country has shameless citizens who do not understand the value of electricity or water. A few years of drought will be slap in the face of these citizens. Obviously the government is paralyzed, but the solutions for these two are right in our hands. Ideally the government should have made solar panel mounting on rooftops and rain water harvesting for all societies mandatory in all Class A cities, but apartment communities/societies can do it themselves too. Rather than spending 10-12 K per year on inverters or diesel generators or water tankers these simple solutions are a one time cost. At least the middle, upper middle class  and the high class should do it voluntarily as a service to the country. But we rather sit twiddling our thumbs or bad mouthing the government for this. After returning from US where I used to abuse water and electricity, 18 months here have made me ration every available litre and watt. Hope people change or a rude shock will be needed.

Last we come to the political front. I thought finally learning over the past 3 years of UPA governance and their blackmailing allies people would be more prudent in choosing their next candidate. But what a shocker in UP elections. Time and again it has been told a national party with majority will help India stabilize. Are the past 20 years of no evidence to us. But still these idiots vote for regional parties and never look at the bigger picture. This has been the story of India. why have we survived and been plundered for 10000 years because we always want to “live today to fight tomorrow”. Our short term selfish goals have failed to develop us as a power. We were divided before independence and we are divided still now.  Early elections will still throw the specter of third front coming with maverick leaders from Trinamool, AIADMK, Samajwadi Party and will lead us to our eventual doom. But hopefully after this doom we might learn our lessons never to vote for regional parties.

Hence I pray this happens sooner rather than later so that we finally emerge stronger and with common sense.