The forgotten heroes of India

February 13, 2012


Independent India is just 64 and half years old but the struggle is centuries old and the heroes in the struggle are numerous. If we check with today’s new generation, the knowledge about these brave men and women is dwindling at a rapid rate. The central and the final character of this epic struggle is […]

IIT + IIM = Idiot

February 11, 2012


I might have offended quite a few folks here, but my feeling is, this is true. IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and IIM (Indian Institute of Management) are our premier educational institutions for Engineering and Management degrees and obviously getting a degree from both institutions should be superlative achievement right? Academically yes, it is brilliant […]

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How India can solve its neighbor problem?

February 9, 2012


After Israel I would say India is destined with the most volatile neighbors. On one side there is a wannabe big brother who wants to take care of the family business in Asia and world across and also keep Indian rise in check .On the other side there is the little brother who has a […]

The plea for archeology in India

February 7, 2012


Archeology in India is one of the biggest neglected fields of study. If I sit down writing adjectives describing its state (dilapidated, broke, pathetic, abysmal) I might fill a few pages of this blog just doing that. We proudly claim our historical origins and start of civilized era tracingback at least 10000-15000 years even before […]

The dilemma of an Indian kid : Mother Tongue vs English

February 7, 2012


The wikipedia definition of Mother Tongue is: A first language (also native language, mother tongue, arterial language, or L1) is the language(s) a person has learned from birth[1] or within the critical period, or that a person speaks the best and so is often the basis for sociolinguistic identity. In some countries, the terms native […]

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How God evolved

February 4, 2012


Everybody has been familiar with Darwin’s theory of evolution where different species adapt and evolve. Humans evolved too and with them thus their belief of God evolved. A disclaimer : I am not an atheistĀ  nor a religious fanatic. I believe in god so that I can have somebody to blame for my misfortunes.Also I […]

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The false pride of us Indians

February 4, 2012


We Indians are always living in a cocoon where we believe in only two things 1) We are like this only and are not going to change . Everybody else has to change 2) In the end everything will be all right (just magically) These two beliefs over the past 5-6 millenniums have screwed us […]