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The adventures in Delhi metro

February 27, 2012


Delhi metro is absolutely (without any doubt) the new lifeline of Delhi. It is the cheapest, fastest, most convenient (with lots of pinches of salt 🙂 ), cleanest mode of transport in Delhi. With phase 3 coming up by 2016 it should have a  pretty large swathe of Delhi covered.  With the daily ridership reaching […]

How India can solve its neighbor problem?

February 9, 2012


After Israel I would say India is destined with the most volatile neighbors. On one side there is a wannabe big brother who wants to take care of the family business in Asia and world across and also keep Indian rise in check .On the other side there is the little brother who has a […]

The future wars of India

January 8, 2012


Indians have become used to the threat of terror and our volatile neighbors , so a war happening on that front is a remote possibility but looking at our state of affairs and our stubbornness to not improve have thrown possibility of the following three scenarios of war or an uprising within India amongst Indians  […]

Why I hate Delhi

December 20, 2011


Recently all the articles coming about 100 year celebrations for New Delhi made me think that for the past whole year while living in Delhi I have never had a single opportunity to like it. I just recently moved to Delhi from US with absolutely zilch expectations after hearing and reading news articles about Delhi’s […]