Why wars will save humanity

Posted on November 1, 2011


I know the title is hard to believe but I have started to believe it is true and I will tell you why. While everybody is happy that the 7th billion baby was born in India (Philippines begs to differ) but the shocking statistic is 7 billion. The world population has doubled within the last 5 decades. So for 50000 years (somebody please correct me) human (as in  homo-sapiens) population grows 3 and half billion and suddenly in 50 years it grows to 7 billion.

How did that happen? It is surprising what led to this sexplosion (pun vehemently intended because condom usage increased more in the past few decades 🙂 )

1) No major wars happened during the past 5 decades. The last war which wiped off a significant portion of the population world war 2 ended in 1945.

2) No global recession or depression after the great American depression of the late 1930s. The double dip recession being talked about now is nothing

3) Many countries like India, China gained independence from its imperial masters and thus people enjoyed it with sex and producing more kids.

4) Obviously medical advances due to which people die of boredom rather than old age

All of the factors just made the environment conducive for people to feel safe to have children.  The wars , depression and epidemics while cleaning up the population also brought in the fear of not bringing children into the world. But the problem is we humans just never know when to stop when we are having a good time. So now we are in a puddle of shit where we are estimating 16 billion people by the end of the century.

Hence I have started believing that a war of massive proportions is necessary to trim the world population at least by a couple of billion. For years we have been justifying carnivores killing of herbivores as balancing the food pyramid. Now is the time to trim the top of the pyramid where we sit. I know we might reach the dark ages but something good will come out of it or else this could lead to unprecedented crisis in terms of food , water , other basic necessities and top of all SPACE. Even if we start occupying the Sahara,Arctic and the Antarctica, the Amazonian jungles we will still run out of SPACE.Wars bring people out of complacency. Already having hit the lowest ebb thee feel motivated once the war is done to build a clean world. Look at what happened to Japan after world war 2 . They became an economic powerhouse. Look at where Germany is. Both sit in the list of top 5 richest economies. People out of boredom , stagnation and routine life try to commit crimes like corruption. If everybody is motivated to build clean after a disaster they don’t have time to commit the sins.

The safest bet for countries like US and European nations is to get India and China to fight and annihilate each other and we get rid of 3 billion people easily.But I would hate that because I am an Indian. If not war I pray to god a comet hits the earth and cleans up some population because we humans will never learn how to preserve this world because all we know is to exploit . At least a brain fart in an Indian leader should trigger an authoritarian regime where we reduce the growth of this population by employing these radical suggestions if not a war at least

1) Forceful sterilization of men after one kid. We do that to control stray dog population. Maybe the roles should be reversed

2) Severe tax penalties to those who have more than one kid

3) Euthanasia to all beyond 80. Guys you have lived enough

4) Increase punishments for grave crimes to death penalties. At least we get rid of the shit

I know I am going nowhere with this blog but this is just frustration coming out.  I hope something happens and I am there to see the world population stay stagnant or reduce for once. Maybe sometimes I will get to sit in Delhi metro in peak hours 🙂

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