Media is the real villain for Anna Hazare fiasco

Posted on December 31, 2011


Everybody has been asking why did Anna fail the third time? Media has been putting up polls for the failure with reasons varying from People Fatigue, Delhi weather to the parliament session going on. But none of them have the balls to put the real reason as to why did Anna fail?

A selfless man Anna Hazare was created a hero for the mass by the media  last time around with 24×7 coverage from his arrest to the fast carried out. The media frenzy brought in the clueless crowds to the venue because everybody wanted  his/her 2 sec fame.  This superhype made the government shiver and for once I thought media is fulfilling its social obligation towards society.

But alas it was too good to be true. This time around some backdoor deal was worked out with the people in power I feel. As right from day 1 media started spreading negativity around Anna’s fast . First it was related to the change in venue. People who live in Delhi will actually realize that it was a wise decision as Anna thought about his supporters along with himself too. As the cold front and the terrible weather would have killed a few supporters if they decided to sit in Delhi. And if media decided to respect the parliament session going on everybody knows what a joke it was and it demonstrated yet again how ridiculous is the concept of democracy in India. A weak bill was presented and carefully orchestrated events made sure that it was not passed in Rajya Sabha and no  constitutional status was given in Lok sabha. Government made clear that it tried to present the bill, opposition made it clear that it would not give the government credit of passing the bill and politicians made sure their ass was saved (which was the ultimate aim). Media again decided to side with what was hot rather than the truth.

This is not the first truth buried by media. It did the same for Ruchika case against Rathore.It created the frenzy and the suddenly decided to drop as soon as the TRP ratings dipped. Today that guy is walking free with pension restored. Same with Jessical Lal case too. Who can forget the 26/11 fiasco when they were feeding live information to the terrorists for the sake of TRPs.

For once media, follow up on an issue and get us the justice. Remember the pre-independence days where media was the voice of our leaders and stayed with us till we brought in the ultimate goal of independence for India. Today we see you worse then the politicians from whom we have stopped expecting anything.