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Filmy music: Current situation

June 19, 2012


I am a big fan of Hindi film music (not a fan of the term Bollywood). Of late the choices are huge , the names are big but somehow the zing is missing. Lot of new music directors, singers are popping up but somehow the formula is getting repeated. Today’s formula (for the past 3-5 […]

The NRI quandary: Return or No Return

June 14, 2012


I was a NRI 18 months ago and returned to India with my family . With loads or patriotism , sentiments , optimism I transferred within my company’s India division.To some extent against my wife’s wishes  which required a lot of convincing and  100 % against my brother’s wishes I came back. I told my […]

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Should we let India implode?

June 14, 2012


The implosion  on all fronts technical, economical, social, political,academic,  is imminent in India. The question is should it be delayed with band-aid fix-its like offered in Greece or should it be allowed to implode and come out stronger although quite a few years down the line. My opinion is it should be allowed to implode. […]

Kingfisher: Where art thou

April 22, 2012


I don’t know why I used Shakespearean language in the title.  Maybe just got bored of the abysmal service provided by other Airline operators that this expression came out from a dormant portion of my mind which I do not usually access but accessed it now since I didn’t have anything to do. You see […]

2012:The eternal hope squasher

April 22, 2012


Somehow I feel that 2012 has been that kind of year which teases you ,tortures you, irritates you. It shows you a  glimpse of hope and when you try to cling onto it it crushes it down so bad that you tend to loose all your optimism. Some years are such that things just go […]

The adventures in Delhi metro

February 27, 2012


Delhi metro is absolutely (without any doubt) the new lifeline of Delhi. It is the cheapest, fastest, most convenient (with lots of pinches of salt 🙂 ), cleanest mode of transport in Delhi. With phase 3 coming up by 2016 it should have a  pretty large swathe of Delhi covered.  With the daily ridership reaching […]

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The disgusting Road Transport (terrorist) Office

February 23, 2012


The Road Transport Offices (RTO)  of India (equivalent of DMV in US) are the biggest if not the most corrupt bodies in India. Nothing more terrifies me than visiting a RTO or a passport office in India. If we look at the baseless numbers thrown by media for telecom and CWG scam running into lakhs […]