The future wars of India

Posted on January 8, 2012


Indians have become used to the threat of terror and our volatile neighbors , so a war happening on that front is a remote possibility but looking at our state of affairs and our stubbornness to not improve have thrown possibility of the following three scenarios of war or an uprising within India amongst Indians  .This is all my hypothetical thinking and fictional ideas.(In case anybody is planning to use these premises for a novel please consider me for royalties 🙂  because you read it here! Just kidding). Usually I would discuss how we could prevent it but actually I want it to happen sooner because we deserve it

Scenario 1: The rise of women : The dwindling sex ratio 820 to 1000 and apathetic behavior of men especially from the northern part causing female foeticide , rapes and curbing women’s rights is resulting in enough suppressed anger within female population. If you look systematically at the Indian map starting from North we see least respect being offered to women population extending till Rajasthan. Then we come to Gujarat and Maharashtra on west and West Bengal on the east where just enough respect is given to the fairer sex and as we move south with the exception of Andhra Pradesh all other states/provinces have great respect for women. I feel for the next 20-25 years we will see the sex ratio dipping to a point where  people from North India will become more desperate for a partner (life,sex etc). So the atrocities will increase and demand from southern side will increase. It will just take one woman leader  to rise from the south who will cash in on this situation of dwindling girls in the north and then the powers will slowly shift. The lady leader will smartly first let the shortage worsen and when the power is firmly in her grip it will be time for payback. Rapists will be castrated and there could be male genocide. Thousands of years of torture and dominance will be served back with interest . Female dominance will rise.As said ” revenge is the purest form of emotion” , it will be “about   time” when women felt liberated after their revenge

Scenario 2: War for water: This is not my idea. This is Shekar Kapur’s idea which initially I felt was stupid but slowly I am feeling this is very valid and could happen very soon. All major cities are feeling water shortage even though we have bountiful rainfall during the past decade. Mumbai as a city receives torrential downpour for 3 months but 90 % of it ends in the sea. The reservoirs are just not enough to support the very burgeoning population. Rain water harvesting, recharging of aquifers, river linking all are discussed but not implemented . High class people enjoy uninterrupted supply either through tankers or ground water (boring wells) but lower class bear the maximum brunt. I cannot imagine the chaos if we go through a drought.Delhi water supply is pathetic everybody receives just 3-4 hrs of water supply and then during the other hours people keep on sucking the dwindling ground water reserves.Gurgaon has tremendous water problems. Bangalore has most of the communities receiving water through water tankers only. This unprecedented growth and zero planning in cities will soon create anarchy in the season of drought and the lower class will revolt for their right to water. In developed countries desert cities have better water supply than us. Look at the middle eastern countries, Australian cities, US cities of San Diego, Phoenix etc.

Scenario 3: War of the cities: Mumbai as a city is overloaded, overcrowded, overburdened etc etc. Still people keep coming in. Infrastructure is crumbling. A time will come when Mumbai dwellers will feel no more people should come within the city. Already we are starting to see such reactions for jobs. Tomorrow it will be for amenities, transport. Mumbai contributes maximum tax to the countries economy. It will assert this right to stop people coming in. Soon Delhi and Bangalore will follow suit and then we start seeing outsiders stopping supplies going in and out of these cities and thus will start the war of cities vs villages/towns.

If there is God or a meteor please come and save humanity.